Five steps to prepare your property to hit the market with a bounce post lockdown

12 May 2020

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Five steps to prepare your property to hit the market with a bounce post lockdown

Most of us have been spending a lot more time than usual in our homes.

Some of us are loving it, some of us are loathing it.

Whether you are furloughed, working from home, the designated home-schooling headteacher or all three and more, you may have started asking yourself questions about your humble abode.

Is it too big? Too small? Too cluttered? Too far away from family? Is not having a garden getting you down? Does having to do the gardening leave you pulling at your roots?

If you are you are not alone.

We were experiencing a very busy start to the year before Covid-19 hit.

And those prospective buyers are still out there albeit a little frustrated.

It’s our belief there will be even more pent up people looking to move post lockdown.

Meaning getting your home prepared now could prove to be a great move.

With that in mind here are five simple steps to get your property ready ahead of what we expect to be a seriously busy time when lockdown ends.

  • Get detached – We don’t mean in the property sense but in an emotional one. This will help you with the next step.
  • Declutter – People look for space when searching for a home. Spending a couple of days getting things packed away, organised, and out of sight could add thousands to what your home sells for.
  • It’s nothing personal – You might like that six-foot by three-foot photo of the family – chances are prospective buyers won’t. By neutralising your home’s look, you will allow people to use their imagination and think about how they might live in it in the future.
  • Clean and fresh – people buy with their senses. So, if your property looks great but smells of wet dogs that’ll put some off. Have a real deep clean of your home as you prepare to sell it.
  • Be a detail devil – So, let’s just say you’ve followed the advice above. Emotions in check, excess stuff stored, home neutralised and clean as a shiny new button. But your front door is dirty, the kitchen has a couple of wonky cabinet doors, or your garden is looking a handful. These small things can and do put people off. Take the time and pay attention to detail. It’s worth it in the end.

 At Hewitt Adams we’re confident that if you follow these steps, they’ll lead to the successful sale of your home when the lockdown is relaxed, and people start moving freely again.

Call us on 051 342 8200 if there is anything you’d like to talk about or property advice you need.

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