How to Decorate a Rented Property for Christmas

2 December 2019

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As we get closer and closer to Christmas, many of us are looking forward to dressing up our homes to fully immerse ourselves in the festive cheer – but how do you do this in a rented property?

For those living in rented properties, signed contracts with your Landlord most likely prevent you from doing any major work to your interiors. This may come as a problem when it comes to decking out your home with boughs of holly and what not. Many of the limitations in your contract are usually implemented to help stop permanent damage being inflicted onto your flat to ensure that it’s pristine for future tenants. But, you shouldn’t let this stop you!

Here are just a few ways you can bring Christmas to your rented property!

A Tree Of Course!

Well, we can’t see how bringing in a Christmas Tree could breach your contract! Whether you go for a fake or a real one, finding space for a Christmas Tree in which you can decorate and light up is truly the best way to bring Christmas to your home. Well, where else is Santa going to put your presents?

Battery Powered Fairy Lights

A rented property’s best friend! Readily available on the high street and online, battery-powered fairy lights allow you to light up your rented property without having to leave outlets on. They come in various styles and festive designs which you can drape anywhere you wish. They also help you bring some cosy Christmas lighting to your home without running up your electric bill.

Hanging Strips are your Best Friends

Ahh Hanging Strips, where would tenants be without you! Hanging strips enable you to display things on your wall without leaving any mark. Easily removable, strong and durable – Hanging Strips open up a world of Christmas decoration possibilities. Apply them to your wall, hang up your garlands, wreaths, fairy lights and any other Christmassy items, and then just pull the tab to safely remove them when you’re done. Easy!

Garlands and Wreaths

Many rented properties will come furnished or with just a few bits and pieces already in there. You might call it furniture, we call it things you an throw some Christmas decs on. Garlands are a great way to decorate your rented property as they allow anything to look instantly Christmassy. Whether you have Gingerbread Bunting or Flying Reindeer Garlands, draping them over points in your property gives it that cosy, Christmassy feel in a matter of seconds, without leaving a mark. And when you involve the little gems that are Hanging Strips, you are able to sprinkle Christmas wherever you like.

Ornaments and Diffusers

Ornaments are a sure-fire way of bringing some Christmas fun to your rented home all whilst eliminating any chance of leaving a permanent mark. Not only is it the easiest way to decorate a room, but you also get to enjoy traipsing through garden centres and shops to find the perfect decorations which truly match your style. The same goes for fragrant diffusers which can be used to get your rented property smelling like a quintessential Christmas market without the use of candles. Meaning you can safely snuggle up with notes of cinnamon and gingerbread in your beautifully decorated home.

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