How to Make a Small Room Appear Bigger

24 July 2019

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Feeling slightly cramped in your new home? Well, don’t start knocking down walls yet!

Feeling like the walls are closing in on you is a common feeling for those living in a home that seems a bit small. With upsizing potentially off the cards, there are small and unsuspecting things that you can do around your home to make it feel light, airy and a lot roomier.

Contrasting Colours

If a room in your home is looking dark, dingy and a bit cramped we suggest its time for a little makeover. Using bright colours allows natural light to bounce off the walls and illuminate all corners of the room. This increases visibility and helps the room appear bigger. This works particularly well with whites and creams as darker colours, such as navy blues and greens, absorb any light in the room, having the opposite desired effect.

If you’re a lover of colour and white walls aren’t for you, you could always try a feature wall using paint or wallpaper of your choice, ensuring a bit of your personality is thrown into the mix.

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Hidden Storage

It isn’t until you’ve moved into a smaller home that you realise how much clutter you have, and clutter is a big culprit for rooms feeling small and cramped. We’ve got two words for you: hidden storage.

Especially for those who liked to hoard (we’re all guilty) creatively storing your goods is the key to a tidy and airy room.

Hidden storage comes in many forms, including divan storage beds, stair cupboards, pouffes and even hollow coffee tables. With these, you get to keep your bric-a-brac all whilst having a clutter-free home.

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Wall-mounted mirrors not only make a great addition to a room, but they also create a magical illusion. Placing wall mirrors in a relatively central position constantly reflects the other half of the room; tricking our eyes into thinking the room is bigger.

This effect can be further utilised with floor to ceiling mirrors, which can totally transform a small bedroom or bathroom. For a double whammy, floor to ceiling mirrors can also be used as hidden storage. Many homes opt for sliding, made to measure, wardrobe doors – taking your bedroom from tiny to tremendous!

Floor to Ceiling

When decorating our homes, we usually measure our curtains according to the size of the window. To make your room feel a little bigger, a nifty trick is to make your curtains floor to ceiling. This elongates the room, making the ceiling appear higher. This can also be helped by using dark curtains on a light wall; adding contrast and making the height of the curtains more visible.

Or if the colour contrast isn’t your thing, using sheer curtains will also create the desired effect. Translucent fabric will allow natural light in, brightening up the room, increasing visibility and making it look that little bit bigger.

Legs, Legs, Legs

Now we’re not on about whipping your legs out to distract people’s attention from the room – unless that’s what floats your boat. We’re talking about furniture!

Essential pieces such as sofas and beds usually meet the floor. This obstructs your view of parts of the room, making it seem a lot smaller than it actually is. Choosing furniture with exposed legs means that even though you are filling your room, you’re still able to see all four corners of it.

Being able to see the room, floor to ceiling allows for the same elongated illusion that long curtains give. It takes the eyes up and down the full height of the room, making it appear bigger!

If your cramped living can’t be solved through our little tips and tricks alone, maybe it’s time to start house hunting! Click here to start with Hewitt Adams.

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