How to Stay Organised Whilst House Hunting

27 August 2019

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We know better than anyone that searching for your dream property can evoke sleepless nights.

But there are some simple ways to reduce stress and keep a level head whilst searching for your new home!

Get Yourself a Binder

You might not have had one since you went to school, but getting your hands on a good binder would be extremely helpful when house-hunting. Sounds silly but from our lengthy experience, we know that you’re going to come across a lot of documents, many of which you’re going to want physical copies of. Getting yourself a nice binder means keeping all those important documents in one place. Adding some handy page dividers will further help you to categorise and store your documents, making them super accessible and easy to find. We know it’s all about online storage these days, but there’s nothing wrong with kicking it old school.

Keep a Diary

While house hunting, you’re going to meet loads of new faces as well as make dates you’re going to have to remember. By keeping either a paper or electronic diary, you have somewhere to keep an organised list of future house viewings, contacts and important details so they can be quickly accessed and most importantly; remembered.

Lists, Lists, Lists

Making lists is a great way to stay organised, and when house hunting, lists can be a crucial part of staying level headed amongst all the information that is thrown your way. You can list imperative features you’re on the lookout for, or even just make a run of the mill, ‘tick off as you go along’ list. Writing all that stuff down leaves your head clear for other things, allowing you to be calm and ready to make important decisions.

Helpful Systems

Not too long ago, one of our blog posts explored 5 Apps that make moving a little easier. We know we’ve mainly stuck to the offline way of doing things, but with that said, there is nothing wrong with letting 2019’s technological innovations help you through this potentially stressful time. Some systems mentioned, such as Honesty Box will come in handy, particularly when you’ve managed to locate your dream home. With HonestyBox, you’re given stability and peace of mind when placing an offer on your new home. It helps to cement your offer and build trust between buyer and seller; reducing the risk of offers falling through.

If you’re looking to begin hunting for your dream property, let Hewitt Adams assist you!



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