Is your Home Pet-Friendly?

10 July 2019

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The love and affection of a furry friend make a house feel more like home. If your family is ready for a pet, you need to make sure that your house is too!

Welcoming a pet into your home is a huge responsibility, but brings years of happiness to the family. Before you have a furry friend under your care, you need to make sure that they’ll be safe and sound running around your home.  We’ve listed some things to ask yourself before welcoming in a pet to the family!

Is the Garden Escape-Proof?

As much as our pets love us, their wild side ignites their desire to explore. In other words, they’d take any opportunity to taste lead-less freedom. With this in mind, it’s good to check that your garden is well enclosed and free from any sly gaps that little waggling bums can squeeze through. Make sure that any fences or walls are nice and sturdy and if there are any holes; they’re effectively filled.

It would be good to also check the height of gates and walls, just to make sure they’re not asking for an attempt at the hurdles. Gates that lead to the outside world can be pet-proofed by an opaque cover to ensure that no one attempts a great escape.

On the topic of gardens, it would be a good idea to just double check plant species, as some can be toxic to animals but not humans!

Are There any Nooks and Crannies?

Moving furniture and large appliances into your home creates little nooks and crannies which make great little places for pets to get stuck. Smaller pets like rabbits and hamsters feel comfy in small spaces, so are unfortunately more likely to make a home behind your washing machine. With this said, it’s good to make sure that all gaps and crevices are filled or blocked in order to avoid any future sticky situations.

Is There a Good Amount of Storage?

This is a good feature to look for when searching for a property; pets or no pets. But in this case, plenty of storage is key for keeping little bits and bobs out of paws reach. Many things that we use day to day can be very toxic to pets, especially things such as medication, certain foods and even small toys – they’ll eat anything if it looks good enough.

Having lots of storage space, especially that is high off the ground, is a good way to ensure potentially dangerous bits and pieces are out of harm’s way.

Secure storage is another aspect to assess, especially if the furry love of your life happens to be a curious feline. They seem to be able to get into anything.

Is the Floor Pet Proof?

Carpets may provide a comfy little spot for your pet to curl up on, but they’re not the best when it comes to little accidents. If your property, new or old is mainly carpeted, you may have to think really hard about your choice of pet. Carpet can already hold smells, stains and lots of bacteria – only to be made worse by one or more pets.

The best floor for pets is Tiles. They’re solid, durable, easy to clean, easy on paws and provide a cool place to be when the weather gets too warm for our friends with permanent fur coats. Laminate flooring is okay, but too much ware can easily damage the floor, and excessive spillage can be absorbed into the wood. Tiles can come in an array of materials and styles, meaning you can always find something to fit your home.

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