Kitchen Trends We’re Seeing in 2019

25 September 2019

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Here are some of our favourite kitchen features we’re seeing time and time again!

As the years pass by, decorative kitchen trends change like the weather. For 2019, we’ve seen many styles that have stuck around, as well as some new ones that have emerged. With that said,  we thought we’d update you on some reoccurring styles we’ve been seeing this year to provide inspiration and motivation for your home.

Low Hanging Lights

A couple of years ago, it was all about the hidden away, the clean and tidy, LED lights. Stuck to the ceiling, up there in their multitudes – LED lights were bringing a sleek and modern look to kitchens everywhere.

2019 has seen an influx in long hanging lights; the complete opposite of their predecessor. They’re usually paired with the rustic exposed cable and the warm fuzzy glow of an Edison Bulb which provide a stylish and urban feel to the kitchen.

Low hanging lights come in a range of styles, some more outlandish than others, but all adding a certain luxury feel to kitchens of any stature. The exposed, extended wire allow lights like this to effortlessly hang from the ceiling, adding a certain height to room making it look bigger and more spacious. From what we’ve seen, many choose to go for three lights in a row, dangling over a high usage area – like the dining table or an island.

Urban Jungle

We don’t know whether it’s the unreliability of the great British weather, or whether people are beginning to realise the benefits of houseplants, but 2019 has seen many homeowners bringing their garden inside. Many kitchens we’ve seen are overcome with plants big and small, allowing for a cosy, tropical vibe.

Interesting and unique plants in the home are not only a talking point, but they add a certain fresh feeling to the kitchen as they are known to improve air quality. These plants, whether they’re scaling the wall or plonked along your countertop, also bring around the potential for funky plant pots, which can give the kitchen an eclectic feel. Some of these plants are also of the edible kind, which many people seem to be opting for in an attempt at sustainable living.

Hidden Storage

We all love a bit hidden storage, but it’s not something that we usually associate with the kitchen. But, with a kitchen comes a lot of clutter. From food, appliances and accessories to the abundance of tea towels we seem to hoard; it all calls for lots of cupboards which take up a loads space.

Taller cupboard units that stretch to the ceiling not only look sleek and add height but provide extra storage space that allows for all of your kitchen clutter to be strategically hidden away. One feature that we’re seeing time and time again is built-in wine storage. Not necessarily a new thing but we are finding them in more and more in modernly built kitchens.

Show-stopping Sinks

The humble sink isn’t our first thought when thinking about outstanding kitchen appliances. But as Kim Kardashian reveals her incredibly fancy sinks, we’re reminded that it’s not a feature that should be neglected. We’ve seen a range of new and interesting sink designs that help add to a kitchen’s aesthetic; from interesting, stand-out, multifunctional taps to creatively designed shallow sinks, as well as those that come in interesting materials like copper and granite. The sink is becoming a key, stand out feature of the kitchen, with a style out there to fit every interior.

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