Preparing Your Home for the Winter

17 October 2019

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‘Winter is coming’ – a reference that has never been so relevant

As the temperature drops and 30-degree sunshine is a distant memory, it’s time to put away the sun loungers and whip out the thermals as we start prepping our homes for the Winter months!

British weather is unreliable as it is, but as we enter the colder portion of the year, it becomes harder and harder to predict what we’ll be faced with. From snow and sleet to high winds and bitter chills; it’s best to be prepared for anything! With that said, we’re here to remind you of some of the little things you can do to make sure that your home remains warm and snug.

It’s All About Insulation

Once your home is warm and toasty, it’s important to ensure that all that precious heat is going nowhere. This means eradicating any chances of draughts or any areas in which the heat can escape. There are many tips and tricks that can help your home retain its heat, including stylish draught excluders, thick insulating curtains and temporary draught-proofing strips in which can be applied to the windows to further ensure no warmth is seeping out, and no chill is creeping in.

Pipe Protection

Cold air and treacherous weather can reak havoc amongst the foundations and inner workings of your home, which can consequently result in further complications with things like water supplies and heating – something you don’t want as the cold nights draw in. One of the most common issues during the winter months is frozen and burst pipes. To help avoid this, pipe cladding or ‘lagging’ is readily available online at a good price, and can easily be applied to your pipes to act as insulation, preventing icy pipes.

Boiler Maintenance

The first tip we can give you when it comes to your boiler is to check it now. Although we can’t feel the frost just yet, it’s a good idea to turn on your boiler for a bit, just to check that everything is in running order. This way, you can quickly identify and fix any spanners in the works so you can have a warm and toasty winter without any hiccups.

Bleed Those Radiators

As the year ticks on, it becomes the time to wake up your radiators from their summer slumber. Having been sat dormant for a couple of months, it may be that your radiators need a little bit of help to get started again. Cold patches caused by trapped air are a common occurrence with radiators and are one of the main reasons why they may not be working at full capacity. Before committing to turning the heating on, make sure to bleed your radiators so they can efficiently warm up your home. Click here for a handy guide on how to bleed your own radiator.

Get Your Head In The Gutter

A mixture of summer and autumn may have left your gutters blocked with leaves, muck and other debris. In order to prevent further issues, you need to ensure that your gutters are free from any gross stuff that may cause blockages. Blocked drains and gutters may prevent the flow of water caused by snow or rainfall and overflowing water may cause leaks, damp and other complications in your home. Not a job you’d want to spend your weekend doing, but it’s a crucial job nonetheless!

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