Preparing your Home for Winter House Viewings

11 November 2019

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Not everyone on the property ladder takes a break during the winter months.

In one of our previous blogs, we stated how we found September to be the best time to sell as it proved to be one of the busiest times for the property ladder. With it being the beginning of November, minds are being drawn to the build-up to Christmas, rather than getting their house sold. Plus, the weather’s at it’s worst. With a winter chill and icy pavements, not everyone will be very happy about venturing out for house viewings.

With that said, if fate has spoken and you are having to open your home to house viewings during the winter months, there are ways you can utilise the season to your advantage – wiping away the dark nights and winter chill with your inviting, cosy home. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your home for house viewing during the winter months.

Neaten Up the Garden

By now, days in the garden are long gone. But when you have house viewings coming in, it’s a good idea just to spruce up the front and back and attempt to brush away some of the usual winter debris. We’re not saying to spend hours mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges, but just a quick sweep and a few tarps over summer furniture will neaten up your garden and allow your home to look more than presentable during these winter viewings.

Get the Fire Lit

No one is going to love venturing out into the cold crisp air of winter, but house viewings are an essential step in selling your home. With that said, to add to your home’s appeal on those chillier days, make sure you make it nice and toasty. A nice warm home not only illustrates that the property has no trouble keeping out the winter chill, but it also helps to evoke an appealing feeling of ‘home’, allowing for a great first impression.

Get it Looking Cosy

If there’s one great thing about Winter, it’s how you can easily make your home a cosy sanctuary away from the chilly world outside. Using lamps, candles and fairy lights to make the rooms well lit, especially on those darker evenings, as well as a comfy throw here and there will easily evoke a cosy ambience, instantly making your viewers feel at home – a favourable aspect when looking at potential properties. And as we lead up to December, decking out your home in classy Christmas decorations can also help, as it allows your viewers to picture their own perfect Christmas in their potential new home.

If Possible, Let the Light In!

If you managed to get your viewings before those dark evenings, take advantage of that bright, wintry sunshine. Open those thick curtains, roll up those blackout blinds and open the doors to show off your home’s best angles. If your showing on a crisp, blue sky kind of day then even better! But if you’re not blessed with good weather, making sure your home is well lit is a must.

Summer doesn’t have to be the only time you can sell your house. Marketing your house as a cosy haven amongst the snow is a great way to use the typical detrimental aspects of winter to your advantage – bringing is those house hunters who want to be in their dream home just in time for Christmas.

No matter the time of year, if you’re looking for your dream property, contact Hewitt Adams today! 

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