Selling Before Christmas vs. Waiting Until January

18 October 2018

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If you’re going back and forth about selling before Christmas or in the new year, we’ve rounded up all our best advice for you. Here are some things to think about when deciding the best time to sell your house in the coming months.

Rumour has it we’ll be experiencing three months of snow this winter. So, you’ll want to make sure that you can settle down and get cosy at home when the cold weather hits – whether this is your old or new home. If you’re planning on selling your house in the upcoming months, it’s really time to consider whether you should complete before or after Christmas! We run through the pros and cons of each, taking into consideration how your everyday life will be affected, as well as the bigger things.

Why sell before Christmas?

Many of you may have had your home on the market for a little while now. Or you may have only recently put it up but you’re getting some promising attention. Either way, it’s not surprising that a lot of sellers withdraw from the market on the run-up to Christmas, hoping to wait until next spring to get things going again. However, this may not always be beneficial to you. Here are our reasons to keep your home on the market and think about selling before Christmas:

Buyer motivation

Buyers are more motivated to complete. The thought of a fresh start for the new year is very attractive to both buyers and sellers, so once you’ve got a solid offer you may find things move a little more quickly at this time of year. Of course, you’ll be more motivated to get things done, too, along with your estate agents and solicitors who will want to get loose ends tied up before the holidays.

Less competition

People tend to shy away from selling at this time of year as they want to prepare for Christmas and avoid the bad weather. However, this could work in your favour. Your house will also potentially be more visible to buyers, as there is simply less competition on the market. You can definitely take advantage of this quiet period.

A fresh start

If you sell before Christmas, you’ll be all ready to move into your new home in the new year. No more worrying about viewings, no more solicitor paperwork. It’s time to spend the new year decorating your new place and settling into your new life! There’s nothing worse than having plans hanging over you when you just want a fresh start.

Why wait and sell in the new year?

All those points considered, there obviously are some counter-arguments. It’s best to consider both sides of a debate before coming to any decisions, especially when it involves such an important process like selling your home! Here are the reasons to wait and sell in January:

You can relax at Christmas

If you’ve really loved living in your current home, now is the chance to really make the most of the last time you’ll spend there. And what better occasion than Christmas? Plus, do you really want to be spending the festive period surrounded by boxes and trying to tidy up for viewings? Nope, neither would we.

Fewer buyers looking

There’s no beating around the bush here; Christmas generally is a quieter period for house shoppers. After all, people will be doing the normal ‘Christmas’ things like buying presents, organising trips to see family and working hard to finish off the year. Obviously, the minimal competition can work in your favour but it could also hinder your chances of finding someone suitable to sell to or getting the offer you are hoping for.

A new listing for the new year

Putting your home on the market in January means it’ll be a fresh, new listing that’s not hanging around from the previous year. More people may start to think about moving house at this time too – it’s often a new year’s resolution to move house. Not only that, but you’ll be ready to focus on selling and can go full-speed ahead with a clear, organised mind.

In conclusion…

Obviously, there are pros and cons to selling before Christmas or waiting until the new year. However, your individual circumstances are going to help you decide which is best for you. Weigh up the pros and cons, seek advice from an estate agent, but most importantly, don’t allow selling your home to become more of a stressful experience than it has to be! For more advice on selling your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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