Virtual ways to keep all your family entertained in Heswall and across the Wirral.

17 April 2020

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Virtual ways to keep all your family entertained in Heswall and across the Wirral.

Staying at home is a challenge. Staying away from family and friends and work colleagues  (yes, even you Dan!) is tough. But also keeping up with new ideas to keep the whole family occupied can be difficult.  Many of us are embracing this time as precious as we are getting quality time with the ones we love even if there can be the odd moment of boredom.  If you’re finding the lockdown in Heswall stressful, we hope these ideas will help keep you and your family entertained.

Work-Out with Mr Wicks.

A month or so ago I bet half of the Country wouldn’t have been able to tell you who this chap was. I certainly couldn’t! Now in this new world we find ourselves in, you just can’t get away from Mr Wicks. His daily ‘PE with Joe series’ has been helping the nation stay in shape and giving us a way to enjoy exercise with our children and loved ones safely at home. Make sure you subscribe to his Youtube channel – thebodycoach. Muti-talented it seems, Joe is also pretty handy in the kitchen and I for one have really ramped up my culinary repertoire now with help of Mr Wicks’ Lean in 15 series. You’ll see a new man roaming the streets of Heswall soon enough!

A performance

There has been a wealth of performances that have been available for live stream, from music artists putting on a virtual concerts to theatrical productions.  What a great way to see a production you may not have had a chance to see.  The National Theatre has opened up their archives for free, their first production One Man Two Guvnors has had over 2 million views to date, make a date for April 23 at 7pm for the Twelfth Night, starring Tamsin Greig. 

Even the exclusive Royal Opera House is allowing you to see world class performances for free via livestream through Facebook and YouTube as part of their #OurHouseToYourHouse series.  Continuing with our theatre theme, you can invite more than 100 theatre shows into your living room when you subscribe to Digital Theatre, this includes Funny Girl staring Sheridan Smith and The Crucible with Richard Armitage.

Family, Friends or Colleagues Quiz Nights!

Apps such as Houseparty or Zoom have suddenly come to the forefront of our lives and have given us exciting new ways to keep in touch with loved ones. But they’ve also provide hours of fun with the ability to host multi-person games nights, Pub style Quiz evenings and so on! If you haven’t tried this yet – you really must. Why don’t you reach out to family or friends this weekend and suggest a Quiz night?  We’ve made this a weekly event in our household and other than one or to ‘friendly’ quibbles between the more competitive family members around the Country, they’ve gone without a hitch and been great fun!

World of culture

You don’t need to travel the world to visit some of the world’s most impressive art galleries and museums through virtual travel experiences.  Rijksmuseum is closed until 1 June but even though the doors are closed you can visit the home Vermeer’s The Milkmaid and Rembrandt’s The Nightwatch as well as many other masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age at one of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam.

Go on an online tour through the history of the building of the Musee d’Orsay in Paris which is housed in the wonderful former Orsay railway station.  Take a virtual stroll through their galleries and explore some of the most famous pieces including one of Van Gogh’s self-portraits.

Go travelling

Have you ever want to take a tour around Jerusalem’s most famous sights?  Go exploring through a series of virtual tours with a voice over tour guide giving detailed insight into the city’s holiest places.  Vast and magnificent, one of Arizona’s most distinguishable landmark the Grand Canyon, can now be discovered with a VR archaeological tour.  This is a fascinating site that will give you access to archaeological sites that have lay mostly hidden for centuries. 

Staying in America the Yosemite National Park in California is a natural wonder, first protected in 1864, nearly 1,200 square miles or grand meadows, waterfalls and vast wilderness.  From webcams to videos find out what is happening while the park is closed as well as the nature and history through their video series.

Explore the capital

There is no better time to experience some of the best attractions in London without the crowds and the stress especially for those who love a spot of history.  Why not start with the fascinating Churchill War Rooms which, during World War II was one of the most important tactical locations for allied forces.  Tour this underground maze where Churchill and his ministers amidst the smoke-filled rooms orchestrated the defence of our nation.

In 360degrees you can venture through the Hampton Court Palace built in the early 16th century initially for Cardinal Thomas Wolsey it was home to the colourful Tudor Henry VIII.  Start in the Grand Hall with its dramatic stained-glass windows, marvel at the tapestries within the Great Watching Chamber then head to the Great Kitchens where you can imagine the vast amount of food they created for the royal banquets.

Local property

You may be looking to move to Heswall or other parts of the Wirral in the future, and if you’re thinking you have to put your plans on hold – think again! Get in touch to find out if we can arrange a video walk through tour of a property for you. Or arrange for the vendor to safely send us a video of their home. If it is an empty property – we may already have a video tour on file, so get in touch! We’d certainly love to hear from you, whether it be questions about your own property, plans to sell or even just questions about different areas on the Wirral – Hewitt Adams are here to help!

Stay entertained

We live in such an amazing community in Heswall and you will also find many local artists and businesses also offering their own online offerings.  Just because we have to stay at home doesn’t mean that you can’t have some incredible experiences virtually.  Check out your local businesses facebook pages to see what they are offering!

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