What Makes a Great Family Home?

28 June 2019

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Creating amazing memories requires the perfect space.

The family home is the backdrop of your most treasured memories. It’s where you watch your children grow up and where you feel most comfortable. With this said, the house itself has to fit your family’s needs and adhere to your lifestyle. We’ve compiled a few features to look out for when looking for that perfect family home.


A great location is probably going to be the first thing you look at when searching for the perfect family home. Features in which make the best location may differ according to your family’s needs.

For reasons surrounding sleep and safety, those with much younger children should search for relatively quieter locations; away from main roads, heavy traffic and the bustling city centre.  Those with slightly older children would do well to look at locations with a nice selection of local amenities, such as play parks and most importantly schools and childcare.

For peace of mind, it’s always good to research the area in which your property sits. Crime statistics and data are readily available online.

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Garden space

The right amount of garden space can provide you and your family that little bit of escapism that you need. A good patch of lawn can provide a soft surface for little ones to start walking on, as well as the possibility for a furry addition and a space for outdoor play equipment.

The garden is an extension to your family home and has to be a safe environment in which your children have space to grow and play.

You may want to pay particular attention to how your garden is enclosed. For instance, the fencing, or possible lack of, and the amount of privacy you have. Just to make sure that the whole family, including the furry ones, can play safely.

Natural Light

As your family grows, the smaller your house may feel. Lots of natural light would allow your home to feel nice and airy, and add some relief to the cramped feelings that may be creeping in. Natural light also allows great conditions for house plants, which have been said to help with the purification of the air around you.

Natural light can be achieved through features such as skylights, conservatories and french doors.

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Open Plan Living

You’re not guaranteed to find many properties with an open living set up, but it’s a dream when you do – especially for families! Open plan living encourages quality time with the kids and a constant family atmosphere.

Not only does it provide the illusion of bigger rooms and more space, but it also allows parents and kids to be together, no matter the activity as the hub of the household is all in one room.

It can aid with parent supervision, particularly with younger children, and helps to bring the family closer together

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Utility Space

When searching for the perfect property, obtaining the right amount of rooms for your family is a given, but what may skip your mind is the room you need for everything that accumulates as your family grows. This includes clutter, food and not forgetting laundry.

When property hunting, it would be good to look at homes that have that extra little bit of space. This would come in handy when busy family life goes on, full speed ahead.

Small utility rooms, or even a garage with lots of potential, can be transformed into your new laundry room, overflow space, pantry or even a playroom for the children where they’re allowed to make as much mess as possible.

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