Why September Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home

9 September 2019

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Before you take the plunge and stick that ‘For Sale’ sign outside your house, it’s good to know whether it’s the right time to do so.

From our extensive experience, Hewitt Adams has deducted that September is the best time to sell your home! According to Rightmove and Zoopla, it’s also the second busiest month for them in terms of sales, both seeing a considerable increase in traffic. So, why is this?

The Market’s Picking Up Again

Those who are in the property sector will know that summer is a very tricky time to be selling. Everyone who’s on the hunt for that dream home is either on their jollies, occupying children or just taking a  break from the stress that house-hunting can bring. For that reason, we usually see a dip in the market around July/August. But when September rolls around, things begin to pick up the pace. Buyers are back into the swing of things and to ready to be on the lookout for their dream house; this is where you and your property comes in!

The Clock’s Ticking

No one in their right mind would want to move over Christmas, and as winter is a very quiet couple of months for the property world, things just seem to come to a halt. But who wouldn’t want to be settled in their new home just in time for Christmas and the new year? Buyers who are determined to do so will be feeling a sense of urgency around the end of August/September, in order for everything to be done and dusted just in time for when Santa is due a visit. This means quick sales and at good prices.

Longer Days

September is a month in which we are just hanging on to the lasting effects of British Summer. Even though autumn is just around the corner, we can still bask in warm sunshine and take advantage of the longer days. Longer days mean more time to a squeeze in house viewings, therefore upping your chance of finding that buyer. In addition to this, the weather around this time of year is somewhat predictable, so you’re able to provide the perfect backdrop to further tempt potential buyers.

Kids Are Occupied

One guarantee for September is Back to School Season. During the summer, time can be occupied by childcare and being an around the clock entertainer. Once they’re back at school, buyers who are particularly on the market for a new family home are able to dedicate all their time to viewing houses and securing their new home. So, if your property is family-friendly, Back to School September is the month to remember.

Garden’s Are At Their Best

House viewings are of the utmost importance when selling your home. By September, gardens have flourished, flowers have bloomed and your surrounding neighbourhood is at its best. First impressions mean everything and you’re guaranteed to make a great one when your home is at its finest.

If you’re looking to sell your home, do it with Hewitt Adams.

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